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Cabinet Technical Index

Teaching Pendant 8-inch TFT-LCD, button + touch screen, mode selection switch, safety switch, emergency stop button
User Memory 200M
Axis Quantity that can be Controlled 6ed+ 2 axes, 6 robot body axes + 2 external axes
Interface Digital I/O interface, EtherCAT, 22 input / output (expandable COM)
4-way 0~10V analog output, 12-bit accuracy (expandable COM)
Two-way encoder signal interface (position tracking)
Ethernet communication interface
Double USB interface
Operation Mode Teaching, reproduction, remote
Moving Function Point-to-point, straight line, circle
Command System Motion, logic, process, operation
Coordinate System Joint coordinates, rectangular coordinates, user coordinates, tool coordinates, and base coordinates
Abnormal Detection Function Abnormal stop. abnormal servo, abnormal user coordinates,abnormal tool coordinates, safety maintenance, abnormal arc,etc.
Robot Safety External emergency stop, anti-collision and safety bolt interface; MC safety circuit, servo soften, etc.
Reserved Specific Interface Arc welding interface, workstation interface
Software Package With options of welding, handling, palletizing, painting, and spraying applications
Others Built-in PLC, regenerative braking, encoder interface(supporting synchronous belt), arc tracking and accessories (optional), vision software (optional), laser tracking software (optional), etc.
Connecting Cable 3M
Power Supply Three phase 380V AC 50-60HZ
Dimension 550mm x 785mm x 410mm
Weight 65KG

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